Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The new hydrogen fuel-cell car unveiled by Toyota

According to USA Today, Hydrogen-Powered Cars are on the near horizon. Toyota was the first to unveil the concept car that will become the fuel-cell vehicle that is set to be on the market in 2015.
Toyota and other manufacturers such as Honda and Hyundai, are refocusing their efforts on   reviving the idea of hydrogen-powered cars.  These pollution-free vehicles have been overshadowed by electric cars, the car industry's past preferred choice for green powered cars. 
The new interest in hydrogen-powered cars are prompted by the glaring limitations of electric cars-- few public recharging stations, high battery costs, among them -- Toyota is rolling out the answer to these restraints, the FCV Concept.
The Tokyo Motor Show this week will exhibit the four-seat FCV Concept with a driving range of at least 500 km and can be refueled in as fast as three minutes. The vehicle will contain a lightweight fuel-cell stack with two high-pressure hydrogen tanks within the body.
The company describes their appearance as "a catamaran and evoke flowing water." This is a good analogy as hydrogen vehicles emit only water vapor.

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