Monday, December 30, 2013

LoJack 2013 Car Recoveries

LoJack® Stolen Vehicle Recovery System Outwits Sophisticated Criminals and Thwarts Theft in 2013


Recently The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported that New Year's Day is the holiday with the highest number of auto thefts.  LoJack Corporation has taken this opportunity at this time of year to share its top stolen vehicle and equipment recoveries of 2013.  The demonstrable success of the LoJack system ranges from recovering stolen vehicles concealed in shipping containers bound for overseas exportation, to the closing of local "chop shops" and apprehending seasoned criminals involved in international crime rings.  Here are two of its reported recoveries in the past year.

One international recovery reported by LoJack involved aiding Canadian and U.S. Law Enforcement Agencies.  LoJack played a huge part in bringing down a highly skilled international crime ring of car thieves who were responsible for stealing luxury cars in Canada and transporting them over the border to U.S. ports in Newark, N.J. and Baltimore Maryland.  There the vehicles were then placed in cargo containers and shipped overseas to Nigeria and Ghana. Canadian Law Enforcement officials enlisted the help of LoJack to provide several covert vehicle tracking devices that were placed inside a number of the high-end vehicles. The LoJack devices gave investigators invaluable information on the suspects and their accomplices, the ability to follow the trails of stolen vehicles, establish or confirm their plans, and gather evidence against the members of the organization. As a result investigators were able to recover 89 stolen vehicles worth $3.2 million and arrest 16 suspects with more than 236 charges pending.

In California this year LoJack was helpful in recovering a newly stolen Audi S8 from a Sacramento Audi dealership. The suspect gave an $18,000 bad check and fraudulent information on his credit application to purchase a 2013 Audi S8 worth approximately $120,000. When the dealership was unable to identify and locate the suspect, they filed a theft report and within one hour after the stolen vehicle's information was entered into state and national crime information computers by the police the Audi's LoJack system was able to locate it.  An East Bay Parks Police Air helicopter began receiving signals from the Audi's LoJack System and the coordinates were radioed to ground units.  The suspect was then apprehended by the California Highway Patrol K-9 unit. The driver was the named suspect of the theft report and had numerous aliases, a lengthy record of fraud and theft, and was an ex-parolee.     

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About LoJack Corporation  LoJack Corporation has helped more than nine million people protect their vehicles in the event of theft over the past 25 years.  It prides itself on providing safety, security and protection for an ever-growing range of valuable assets and people. Its successes are contributed to its well-known brand and direct integration with law enforcement and dealer distribution network.  LoJack Corporation plans to expand into new areas across the continuum from theft deterrence to recovery. The Company is focusing on creating a new level of value for its dealer, customer and investor communities by delivering innovative offerings, multiple technologies across the globe.   For more information, visit,

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