Monday, June 16, 2014

New Yorkers Oppose East River Bridge Tolls

New Yorkers continue to vote against charging drivers to cross East River bridges as shown by a recent Quinnipiac University survey released this Monday.  71% of voters opposed the idea of charging a toll to cross such bridges as the Brooklyn Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge among others on the east side.  23% were in favor of the proposed toll. "New York City voters from every borough reject the idea, as they have for years, even as a possible partial remedy for congestion," said Maurice Carroll of Quinnipiac University.
The numbers do change when voters are informed of the reduction of traffic that would result on the bridges between the outerboroughs, like the Triborough and Whitestone. The support of such a toll increases to 41% for those in favor.  This is positive news to Alex Matthiessen, director for Move NY, who believes the new tolls would fund better transit and infrastructure work. He sums it up by saying, "Once New Yorkers understand that they can get something in return for new tolls, support for such a plan rises dramatically," he said.
Drivers are not the only New Yorkers opposed to the idea of a toll on east bridge crossings.  Mass transit riders opposed it 71% to 24%. Meanwhile opposition among drivers and mass transit riders dropped to 51% and 49%, respectively, when told it would ease the burden on outerborough crossings.

Monday, June 9, 2014

More GM Recalls: Air Bag Problems and More



General Motors announced a recall of more than 89,000 vehicles due to air bag defects and other problems.  It is recalling 31,520 Buick Verano and Chevrolet Camaro, Cruz and Sonic cars due to the danger of airbags not deploying during an accident. One such incident occurred where one person was hurt because of the failure of the airbag to deploy during a crash. 
In addition GM is also recalling 57,512 other autos because of an issue of a possible failure of a sound alert when a door is opened and the key is still in the ignition.  The recall is for Chevrolet Silverado LD and the GMC Sierra LD. The problem stems from a base radio that sounds the warning not operating correctly.
These recent recalls follows GM's major recall of 2.6 million cars since February over ignition switch problems. This flaw has been linked to at least 13 deaths and has created much consumer outcry over GM's delayed response to this technical problem.
(Article based on a 2014 article from The Associated Press.)